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Únětický pivovar (Únětice Brewery)

Ǔnětický pivovar

The history of Únětický pivovar (Únětice Brewery) goes back to 18th century. Beer was historically brewed here from 1710 to 1949. Únětický pivovar brought back the tradition of brewing in 2011. Únětický pivovar is a craft brewery situated in Únětice - a small village near Prague. They brew two kinds of beer all year long - Únětická desítka (10° EPM) and Únětická dvanáctka (pale lager, 12° EPM). Both beers are brewed using traditional brewing methods and pure Czech ingredients. They also brew seasonal specials here, i.e. Christmas semi-dark special 13°, Dark special 11°, Amber special 13° and so on.

The brewery restaurant offers delicious Czech meals. You can also enjoy the outside garden. Únětický pivovar organizes special events almost every weekend. You can find the event schedule on the brewery’s website. These events combine Czech food, beer and folklore traditions.

Únětický pivovar is not in Prague but it is very close to Prague. It is situated in Únětice village and it’s within easy reach. You can get straight to Únětice by a regional bus. If you prefer walking and/or don’t want to pay extra for the regional bus you can walk to Únětice from Suchdol - it is just around 3 km. Or you can walk to the brewery from the railroad station in Roztoky u Prahy - also a beautiful trip through Silent Valley along Únětice Stream (around 5 km).


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