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U Tří růží Brewery

U Tří růží Brewery

The brewery “U Tří růží” can be found in the Old Town of Prague on Husova street. The brewery has its own restaurant with a stylish interior design. The restaurant is divided into three floors, each of which has a separate taproom. You can try traditional Czech cuisine and - of course - the local craft beer.

The “U Tří růží” brewery offers quite a wide variety of beers. They usually have 6 beers on tap at a time. You can choose from both top and bottom-fermented beers, i.e. Pale Lager, Dark Lager, Vienna Red, Monastic Special, Salzburg Special, Weissbier U3R, Amber Ale, seasonal specials and more. The brewhouse, in which all of these beers are brewed, can be seen on the first floor of the restaurant.


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