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U Dvou koček

U Dvou koček

Restaurant and Brewery “U Dvou koček” ("The Two Cats") is near Wenceslas Square and Old Town Square. Although the restaurant is titled as ”Plzeňská” (Pilsner), they offer not only Pilsner Urquell but also their own beer. You can try two lagers here. The first one is a pale lager called Světlá Kočka (The Pale Cat), the other one is dark and is called Tmavá kočka (The Dark Cat).

The restaurant is very old and it acts the part. It still looks like an old Prague pub from the 80s. The brewery is much newer than the restaurant, though. The brewhouse was installed to the restaurant in 2010 and you can see it right after you enter the pub.


Uhelný trh 415/10
Praha 1

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