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Počernický pivovar (Počernice Brewery)

Počernický pivovar (Počernice Brewery)

Similarly to Únětice, this brewery is great for hikers and travellers. Počernický Brewery is quite far from the city centre (not as far as Únětice, though) and it is situated in a beautiful city of Dolní Počernice surrounded by a pond, castle, garden and nice countryside. It’s a great area for trips or walks.

The brewery opened in 2016. It offers several beers on tap. All the beers are brewed right in the restaurant. You can try Pilsner pale lagers called Počernická jedenáctka 11° and Počernická dvanáctka 12° or dark lager named Počernická Barborka. They also brew seasonal beers here. In summer you can try very light bottom-fermented beer for cyclists called Počernická Cyklo 8 (it’s got 8° Plato and just 1.5% of alcohol). They also make some top-fermented beers, ie. Wheat Beer, Christmas Stout, Počernická IPA 12° and other seasonal ales.

Počernický pivovar is in Dolní Počernice. Nowadays Dolní Počernice is a municipal district of Prague, however historically Dolní Počernice used to be an independent village. It still looks a lot like a picturesque village. There is a château with gardens and a pond - and the brewery is in the centre of all that. We recommend you to explore the area if you visit Dolní Počernice.

Počernický pivovar is about 3,5 kilometres from the Černý Most metro station. But you can definitely get right to Dolní Počernice by bus. Nevertheless, if you like walking, you can plan a trip - for example from Černý Most metro station, or from Rajská zahrada metro station, through Kyje and Hostavice to Dolní Počernice. There is a nice countryside.


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Počernický pivovar (Počernice Brewery)Počernický pivovar (Počernice Brewery)Počernický pivovar (Počernice Brewery)Počernický pivovar (Počernice Brewery)Počernický pivovar (Počernice Brewery)Počernický pivovar (Počernice Brewery)