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Pivovarský dům (Brewery House)

Pivovarský dům - Brewery House

Pivovarský dům (The Brewery House) has been in operation since 1998. You can try a variety of beers here, some of which are quite unique. For those who prefer classics they offer pale lager called Štěpán. It is a great Pilsner lager. If you like dark beers, you should try dark version of Štěpán (Pilsner dark lager).

The Brewery House usually offers 8 beers on tap. Apart from the two lagers mentioned above, you can try Wheat beer and a few kinds of flavoured beers, ie. Banana Beer, Sour Cherry Beer, Nettle Beer, Coffee Beer or even Blueberry Beer. You can come across other seasonally brewed beers, too.

There is one more very special beer that you can try in The Brewery House. It is “beer champagne” called Šamp. It’s supposed to be the first Czech beer which finishes its fermentation process in the bottle. It is very light in colour and it actually tastes a bit like sparkling wine.

All the beers are brewed right in the restaurant. You can take a look at the copper brewhouse and even look inside the fermentation room with open fermentation tanks. The brewery and restaurant Pivovarský dům is situated at the corner of Ječná and Lipová streets, near The Charles Square (Karlovo náměstí).


Lípová 511/15
Praha 2

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Pivovarský dům - Brewery HousePivovarský dům - Brewery HousePivovarský dům - Brewery HousePivovarský dům - Brewery House