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Pivovar Marina (Marina Brewery)

Marina Brewery

Marina Brewery is situated in Holešovice in an old port building at the bank of Vltava river. You can try 4 kinds of beer here: Pilsner 10°, Pilsner 12°, Dark Pilsner Special 13° and Wheat Beer 11°.

The brewery restaurant is quite large. There is also a garden so you can sit outside. Just make sure you’re in the right part of the restaurant. You don’t really want to go to the Italian part because they don’t serve beer there. How do you know that you’re in the right place? There is a big copper brewhouse in the middle of the restaurant - you can’t miss it.

Marina Brewery is in a part of Prague called Holešovice. You can get there by tram. The closest tram stop is Maniny. The brewery is quite hidden behind apartment buildings.


Jankovcova 12
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