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Pivovar Hostivar

Pivovar Hostivar

Hostivar Brewery has a very stylish design of the building and the interior. The brewery opened in 2013 in a brand-new building in Hostivař. If the weather is good enough, you can sit on a terrace or in a nice garden. During winter the terrace is covered with a tent allowing guest to stay warm and cosy.

The beer menu usually consists of pale lager 11°, semi-dark lager 12°, pale special 13°, amber ale called H-Ale and dark lager 14°. These beers are accompanied by other seasonal specials, i.e. weizen beer, ales, IPA, Stout, light summer lager, Christmas Doppelbock and more.

Thanks to the nearby park and a dam, this brewery is popular among cyclists. In the garden there is a playground for kids. Brewery’s restaurant offers good choice of meals. If you’re not hungry and you just want to try something small that goes well with beer you can try roasted malt.

Hostivar brewery is situated between Hostivař and Horní Měcholupy districts. You can get there by bus.

Second brewery
Hostivar brewery is planning on opening its second brewery. It should be called the same and will be just a few hundred metres from the original Hostivar building. The new Hostivar restaurant brewery should open in spring/summer of 2017.


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