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Pivovar Beznoska (Beznoska Brewery)

Pivovar Beznoska (Beznoska Brewery)

Beznoska Brewery in Prosek was built in 2013 as a part of the restaurant called Školička (meaning “The Little School”). The restaurant itself was opened in 1995 in an old elementary school building.

You can try quite a lot of beers in Beznoska Brewery. You can choose from both top-fermented a bottom-fermented beers. They usually offer about 6 beers on tap here!

You can try Pilsner Lager 12° called Beznoska, Pilsner 10° Hejhula, a bitter Ale named B-EJL or a wheat beer Koloušek (pale) and Tmavý Koloušek (dark).

Beznoska Brewery is located kind of in the suburbs. The closest metro stations are Prosek (C line, approx. 900 metres from the brewery) and Vysočanská (B line, approx. 1000 metres up the hill). You can walk to the brewery or you can take bus number 151 that goes from both Prosek and Vysočanská metro stations. Get off the bus at Klíčovská stop. Klíčovská stop is the closest bus stop to the brewery.


Klíčovská 805/11
Praha 9

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