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Malešický mikropivovar (Malešice Microbrewery)

Malešický mikropivovar

Malešice Microbrewery (Malešický mikropivovar) is actually not a brewery, although the name makes you think it is. Malešice Microbrewery is more like a “flying brewery”. We use the term flying brewery or travelling brewery for breweries that don't have their own brewhouse. However, they have their own brewmaster who makes beer in other breweries. That is why it is called a flying brewery. The brewmaster “flies” from on place to another and make his own beer.

Malešice Brewery produces its own beers under the name Malešice Original. They usually have two to three own beers on tap, ie. Malešický Originál N°1 (American Pale Ale 11°), Malešický Originál N°2 (Pilsner Pale Lager 12°), Malešická APA N°3 (American Pale Ale 15°), Malešický Extra Bitter Ale N°4 or Friday Stout N°5.

The restaurant has 10 taps in total. Apart from own beers, they offer other (Czech and foreign) beers, usually from craft breweries, so you can try more different beers from several breweries at one place.

The restaurant Malešický mikropivovar is situated in Malešice, a part of Prague that is quite far from the city centre. You will need to use bus to get there. The visit is definitely worth it, though. The restaurant offers great Czech dishes and has a very nice interior. It’s got a small-town vibe to it.


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Malešický mikropivovarMalešický mikropivovarMalešický mikropivovarMalešický mikropivovarMalešický mikropivovarMalešický mikropivovar