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Restaurant and brewery Pražský most u Valšů
Novoměstský pivovar
Pivovar U Dobřenských
U Tří růží Brewery
Pivovar Národní (Národní Brewery)
Malešický mikropivovar

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The Czech Republic is a country of beer. Czech beer has a long history and is an important part of our culture and even our identity. It’s not surprising since the Czech Republic has the highest beer consumption per person in the world!

In 1842 in the city of Pilsen, a beer that has spread across the whole world was brewed. It was the Pilsner Lager. Yes, the most brewed and drunk beer in the world originated in Bohemia. The Czech Republic is a home of world known beer brands such as Pilsner Urquell, Budweiser Budvar, Krušovice, Staropramen, Bernard a more.

The Czech beer market has changed significantly in the last couple of years because of a microbrewery boom. These microbreweries (or craft breweries) make a lot of different kinds of beer. The Czech Republic is no longer a country of Pilsner Lager only. It is a country of variety of beers that is worth exploring.

In the Czech Republic there are about 350 small craft breweries and the number is still rising. In Prague alone there are around 30 of them. Most craft breweries have their own pub or restaurant where you can try their beer. Our Prague craft breweries guide will show you the right direction.